Kin-Kin Coffee


Kin-Kin Vector LogoKin-Kin Coffee box over a collage of peanut brittle, lemon slices, apple slices, and fall flowers.

Kin-Kin Coffee is a local coffee micro- roaster here in Madison, WI. I led many projects for Kin-Kin including logo design, packaging, apparel, and social media photoshoots.

Kin-Kin coffee boxes lined up with a snake plant and bouquet of flowers.
Kin-Kin vector logo with taglineOutdoor picnic on a blue blanket featuring a box of Kin-Kin Coffee and peony. A hand on the right side is making a pour over and is surrounded by pancakes, avocado toast, and a bowl of granola.
Pink sweatshirt with Kin-Kin Coffee seasonal artwork screen printed in dark blue.